The easiest way to pixel map your ideas

Let your creativity soar with the versatility, power and precision of the award-winning ELM ENTTEC LED Mapper. Enjoy total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size, employing vector-based objects and raster-based media for pure representation of your vision.


Scalable and responsive design

Combines raster-based media with vector-based scalable and repositionable objects to represent your LED strips, so it even handles the curves beautifully and with just a few mouse clicks.

Place for your media

Load video files, still images, camera feeds or live streams into the slots in your library and click on what you want to display. Supports HD video playback, and is Spout compatible for live video inputs. Can also act as a Network Device Interface (NDI) receiver. A professional video loop library is included to get you started.

Design that’s natural

Build your show in stages that layer on top of one another simply but powerfully. Use organically-shaped objects that you can quickly resize, stretch, deform, or move around on the screen so that your pixel map looks like your pixel strips do in the real world.

Control as you prefer

ELM lets you run a show with live interaction, scheduled playback, or via DMX control from a lighting console.

Multiple protocols support

Support for Art-Net, sACN and KiNet protocols as input. Remote control via DMX and OSC. Supports a wide range of LEDs such as: RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA and White fixtures. 16-bit pixels also supported, such as ENTTEC 9PDOTs.

Limited by your imagination

ELM supports up to 1024 universes, with the ability to incorporate live interaction, scheduled playback and DMX lighting control. The only limit is your imagination.

  • Entry Edition: supports 4 universes
  • Standard Edition: supports 16 universes
  • Professional Edition: supports 96 universes
  • Super Edition: supports 256 universes
  • Ultimate Edition: supports 512 universes
  • Architectural Edition: supports 1024 universes

Master ELM with these tutorials

Supported ENTTEC Hardware



 Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 7+, 2GHz Intel i5, 2 GB RAM
  • ATI Radeon HD 5000 series or better, or
  • NVIDIA GeForce 210 or better. 256MB VRAM

Recommended system

  • Windows 8 or 10, 2GHz Intel i7, 4 GB RAM
  • NVidia GTX 780