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Shedding some light on ENTTEC



ENTTEC is one of the world’s true lighting pioneers.

With specialist skills and knowledge in the conception, design, manufacture and set-up of a wide range of LED lighting and control products, we address the needs of a broad customer base the world over. Our lights and controllers are high-quality, affordable, and compatible with existing systems. At ENTTEC, we also take pride in being an industry leader. We operate at the leading edge of lighting technology to create practical yet revolutionary solutions using technology that people could only dream about just a few years ago.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1999, ENTTEC quickly developed a reputation not just for fine craftsmanship and technically-superior products – several of which have gone on to become global industry standards – but also for the kind of rapid and flexible support and service that lighting professionals demand. We set out to treat others as we’d like to be treated ourselves —with integrity, professionalism, and no-nonsense friendliness.

As our product range expanded in scope and popularity, so did our operations. We opened an assembly and warehousing facility in Hillsborough, North Carolina in 2010, and established ENTTEC Americas, LLC to import and distribute our products in North America. We also have our ENTTEC Europe operation, based in London, with dealers throughout the continent.

Today, ENTTEC products fulfil the lighting needs of customers ranging from homeowners in the Australian suburbs to top-end lighting professionals responsible for some of the most elaborate and inspiring building projects on the planet. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and that a little bedroom project is no less important to its creator than a huge public project is to a giant corporation. This is why we’re here to do the best we can for each and every scenario, big or small – no matter what the requirements might be.

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