Show control

For precise show playback or smart home automation, an ENTTEC standalone show controller will give you all the tools you need to create an astonishing, immersive experience.

Why do I need a light show controller?

In certain situations, a light show will be better when performed live by an experienced FOH engineer behind a desk. Then there are times where it makes more sense to do your creative programming beforehand, then simply set and forget. This is where light show control comes in.

Installed on-site, a fully-automated smart light show controller can react to triggers or events to perform or activate any number of incredible actions as and when required. Be as creative as you like, then let the controller do the rest – whether you’re present to witness your audience in awe or not!

Young girl in awe of spectacular light show

See how light show controllers can enhance your installation

ENTTEC S-Play at work for a home installation.

ENTTEC light show controllers.

ENTTEC’s light show control experience began back in 2000 with the pioneering DMXPlayBack. This enabled you to record and store a show to play back on demand at a later point. Fast forward more than two decades, and we’ve taken everything that we’ve learned since and shaped it into our current range of state-of-the-art light show controllers.

Today’s ENTTEC controllers can be used to not only play back multiple programs simultaneously, but also trigger light shows as well as video, sound, non-lighting events (e.g. machines), and much more.

Using industry-standard audiovisual protocols, our smart light show controllers are engineered for ongoing light shows and smart home projects on any scale that require precise activation or interaction. What’s more, with their easy-to-navigate interfaces, our controllers integrate seamlessly into almost any existing automation system.

Prepare to take your ideas to the next level!

SMART HOME automation integration brochure

S-PLAY series comparison

DMX universe playback1122
Art-Net/sACN universe playback21632
Max. playlist count48100200
Max. cue track per playlist1244
Max. Cues (inc. Static/Dynamic/Effect)416100200
Max. Triggers816150200
Max. Events416150200
Custom interfaces1510
Expandable storageYesYes
Network based device managementYesYesYesYes
Remote access (internet via 4G Router)Yes
HTTP API accessYesYes
DMX outputYesYesYesYes
Art-Net / sACN outputYesYesYes

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