House & Home

Where do you start? Right here.

Functional Lighting

Cookie-cutter houses are not your style. You demand more from a home, aesthetically and functionally. And that includes the lighting.

Renovate or create

But where to begin in turning your vision into reality? Who can provide advice specific to your needs, and walk you through the process of achieving exactly what you envisage at a budget you’ll appreciate?ENTTEC welcomes homeowners and renovators with open arms. We understand it can be confusing out there, especially if you’re not technically-minded.

Our light, your architect

Whether you’re updating a kitchen or bathroom, redesigning the lighting in your whole home, or building from scratch and looking for lighting that’s intelligent and uniquely you, we can work with you directly or through your architect to provide the advice, products and results you need.

Your needs, our solutions

Believe us when we say there are no silly questions. For any and all domestic lighting situations, ENTTEC is eager to assist.To learn more about ENTTEC’s house and home lighting solutions, browse the product pages below or query us via our contact page.