Pixel Link

Imagine the possibilities of a fully linked pixel control system

Better yet, explore them, with ENTTEC’s Pixel Link suite of control products. Extend your control and creativity like never before by combining your Pixie Driver or Pixelator with this dedicated range, optimised to transfer data over Cat 6 using our proprietary PLink protocol.



CVC3 is CV LED TAPE Driver for Plink system. It allows the ability to drive single colour or RGB LED Tape (such as 9VL4) using Plink data. Each unit consumes 3 channels, and passes on the remaining channels, allowing various units to be chained together with same Plink data. 12V or 24V Power is re-injected from an external power source. Please refer to application diagram for more information.

Pixie Linker

The essential link between your 5V Pixie Driver and your system, allowing you to send PLink data over standard Cat 6 cabling.

PLink Injector

The PLink Injector converts PLink data from your Pixie Driver or Pixelator using the Pixie Linker. Available for 5V, 12V or 24V systems, with power re-injected from an external source.