PSAT: pixel power supply

A satellite for your Pixelator

This upgrade to the Pixelator – PLink system changes everything.

Enabling quicker, cleaner and less labour-intensive installs, this durable unit features an integrated PSU, is truss mountable and conforms to standard touring connections.

We call it Pixel Satellite (PSAT)


Supercharge your Pixelator and Pixelator Mini

Now you can rely on ENTTEC expertise and use PSAT to power up and inject data to pixel tape and dots

Touring pixel power/injector

Simply connect your lights using the included connector, hook up your Pixelator/Mini, power it up … and you’re off!

Industry-standard touring connectors

It couldn’t be easier to extend your array by linking multiple PSAT units to each other: all you need is a powerCon cable. This beast was born for life on the road.

Includes pixel breakout cable

Save time, and use the included 4-pin breakout connector to easily connect ENTTEC pixel tape and dots to PSAT.

Compatible with

Wiring Diagram