RDM license key

SKU: 70511

RDM license key allows you to unlock ENTTEC’s RDM Apps, and use them with your existing USB PRO or PRO Mk2


Unlock RDM Controller

Use this license key to unlock the full version of RDM Controller. Patch responders by dragging them, check RDM sensors, and do advanced RDM using ENTTEC RDM Controller.

Unlock RDM Sniffer

All you need is this license key, and a PRO Mk2 – and you have access to RDM sniffer. A powerful way to analyse RDM packets going through the PRO Mk2.

Compatible with USB PRO (Controller only)

A USB PRO is required to use this license with RDM Controller.

Compatible with USB PRO MK2 (Controller and Sniffer)

A USB PRO Mk2 is required to use this license with RDM Controller and RDM Sniffer.

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