Designed to allow fast manual control of  lighting control software

SKU: 70032
Speed and control

Users of lighting control software can step up their performance with the ENTTEC Playback Wing. Featuring both keypad and faders for increased speed and control. Quick Ethernet connection, customizable layout, and a high-quality build make it your robust partner in creativity.


Connect to Network

RJ45 Ethercon connector for a 10Base-T Ethernet connection allows you to connect to your existing network. Supports both DHCP and static IP addressing for versatile support with routers and switches.

Faders and Keys

Playback Wing comes with 40 High quality Cherry MX Keys, and 10 High Quality 60mm Faders. The best possible user feedback that you can get

Modern Web Interface

Configure your Wings using a modern web interface, that can be used with any current web browser. No software to load, no need to learn another way to change settings. The web interface is minimal, yet adequate at the same time.

Art-Net Support

Each ENTTEC Wing supports two modes, and can only one mode can be active at a single time: ENTTEC Mode: Default mode, and is supported by software such as D-PRO and Lightfactory. Whereas, Art-Net Mode: Each key can be mapped to an ArtNet channel and used as required (with any software that  supports Art-Net triggers)

Please note: revB

Wings manufactured on or after year 2015 are revB , and mentioned on the serial-no label.


Compatible Apps