S-Play Lite Release

Introducing S-Play Lite: affordable, high-quality lighting control for any project

by ENTTEC United States
June 13, 2024

We are excited to provide you with more details about S-PLAY LITE, the newest member of the ENTTEC product family. Designed as a cost-effective alternative to the S-PLAY SP1-1, the LITE version is tailored for projects that don’t require full 32-universe control but still demand high-quality, professional lighting control.


Key Features

Robust The S-PLAY LITE maintains the same robust form factor as the SP1-1, delivering reliable playback, cue management, and integration capabilities akin to its legendary counterpart.

Interface With S-PLAY LITE users can enjoy an intuitive localhost web interface for quick and straightforward installation and setup procedures.

Universes of Output The S-PLAY LITE record, edit, schedule and play back 16 Universes of sACN or Art-Net. This means you can control up to 2,730 RGB or 2,048 RGBW LEDs!

Versatility Despite its streamlined design, the S-PLAY LITE remains versatile, accommodating a range of mounting applications with ease.

Storage Benefit from increased show storage options with SD card support, providing ample space for storing extensive show data.

Affordability Offering a cost-effective alternative, the LITE version ensures budget-friendly access to essential functionality.



We are here to create the perfect solution to your lighting needs!


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