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The first choice of lighting professionals

Products don’t become an industry standard for anything, as the DMX USB Pro has proven for a number of years. The industry standard interface for connecting PCs and Macs to DMX512 lighting networks has shown time and again why it’s the first choice of lighting professionals the world over


Widely compatible

Designed for simple USB connection across Windows, Mac (up to OSX 10.11) and Linux, DMX USB Pro is compatible with an enormous range of commercial and free software. So no matter what software you choose, you know you can rely on ENTTEC DMX USB PRO to do the job.

Windows, Mac and Linux

Industry Standard USB 2.0 Support on Windows PC and Mac (up to OSX 10.11), and popular linux flavors. Thanks to FTDI drivers, which enable the usb communication between your computer and DMX USB PRO, it will work on most of the computers. Even Raspberry Pi is now supported, for the hobbyists within you.

DMX Input or Output

Supports either, DMX Input or DMX Output mode. And comes RDM enabled too (with correct firmware). So, no matter what project you have, DMX USB PRO is the perfect device to accompany your computer and software. Internal frame buffering for steady DMX Generation in Output mode.

Change it as you please

Refresh Rate configurable from 1 to 40 Fps. Break time is configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS, and MaB is configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS. You can even change the firmware to support your requirement. RDM firmware is separate than the DMX one. All done easily with the PRO-Manager App

Isolated to protect

1500 V full isolation (data & power lines to protect your computer from surges)

 Compatible Apps

Recommended App: D-PRO

D-PRO is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC.

The perfect partner for DMX USB PRO.
It includes D-PRO Player, a touch screen friendly interface to easily control your cues.
An OSC controller (such as TouchOSC) or MIDI input can be used to remotely trigger D-Pro.
And it’s Windows and Mac OSX compatible.

3rd Party Controller Apps

Official Tool: PRO Manager

PRO-Manager allows you to test and update your ENTTEC USB PRO. It’s easy to use and runs on both Windows and Mac (up to OSX 10.11)

3rd Party Controller Apps

3rd Party Visualizer Apps

3rd Party Media Server Apps

3rd Party Utilities