DMXPlayBack MK2
US $ 330

Playback or Fade scenes

Allows you to capture or create a DMX snapshot or scene (requires connection to PC and using Show Editor Mk2 software). Simply arrange these scenes together to make a show, or let it Fade between scenes to make your own custom show.

Thousands of scenes

Up to 12 shows are allowed, and up to 65,000 static scenes per show. Allows for a great combination of sequences to be created.
Fade between these scenes to create an even larger show.

Precision in Fades

Allows the use of Fade times and delay times, while configuring a show. Select from 0 to 100 minutes in 0.1 second increments. Possibilities are endless

Trigger a show

A show may be programmed to start: when the unit is powered, or via an external trigger using RS232, or using the switch closure.
Once setup, RS232 commands can start/stop any show as required.

Remote Control

The easiest way to control shows on the Playback Mk2, is with the official remote (sold separately).
Start or Stop one of the 12 shows using the buttons on the remote. The remote has 6 buttons and 1 shift key.
The remote is connected to the DMXPlayBack Mk2 using a single DB9 cable, no power supply is needed, and this cable can be up to 5 meters long.

DMX Streamer or Playback Mk2 ?

If you need to record the entire DMX sequence from a console or another source, you need a DMX Streamer
Also DMX Streamer, can be used without the need of a PC.
Whereas, Playback MK2 can only capture static scenes - and that too requires the use of a PC and included software

Package Contents

  • DMXPlayBack MK2 Unit
  • PC Serial Port Cable (DB9 to DB9 Connector)
  • Software
  • User manual

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