"Lights, Camera, Action!" is old-school. Nowadays, the lighting sometimes is the action, and that requires new technologies, new tools, and new methods to get it done on time, reliably, under budget. That's where Enttec comes in. We make the tools you need to do things with light that were barely dreamed of a decade ago. Things that will seem indispensable the day after tomorrow, but we're making them already, right now, at a price you can live with. Look around this web page and see for yourself.

ENTTEC Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 and has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative lighting control products that are both affordable and compatible with other systems. Since then, ENTTEC has created nearly 100 products, including the popular DMX USB Pro, groundbreaking RDM tools and DMXIS, winner of a 2009 Rock Our World Award. In 2009 ENTTEC introduced a creative line of LED lighting products and the sophisticated control systems to harness them.

Due to the popularity of ENTTEC's products and in keeping with its policy of rapid customer service, ENTTEC opened an assembly and warehousing facility in Hillsborough, North Carolina in 2010. ENTTEC Americas, LLC imports and distributes all ENTTEC products to the North American market.
ENTTEC's commitment to the LED lighting and control products is evident by the continuous research and development of lighting products.

Whilst we consider the importance and focus of our company is in the development of LED Lighting and Controlling products, our back up and support is equally as important to our organisation

The quality of the ENTTEC products is confirmed by it's world renowned OEM customers:

"We practice our fine engineering skills on innovation that fuels the visions of worldwide lighting professionals."

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