RDM Controller

RDM Controller

The RDM controller is an application designed to control RDM fixtures. The software has 2 versions which have different feature lists, but a similiar look and feel. The LITE mode allows you to perform basic RDM actions, while the FULL mode gives you access to all the RDM commands, including any custom ones created by fixture manufacturers. It also has the drag and drop addressing capability which increases productivity tremendously.

Major Features
  • Smart Patch (2.7x) : simple & quick interface to identify & patch found devices
  • Summary Panel : view device information for each fixture, change DMX Address / personality
  • Patch Panel (Full mode) : drag & drop DMX device patching
  • Monitor Panel (Full mode) : update fixture sensors and related information. Warns of any error/warning
  • Advanced Panel (Full mode) : test your fixtures.. do any RDM GET/SET for available PIDs

The full mode is activated by using either:- RDM Kit, OR RDM License Dongle + USB PRO

Feature Set

BASIC features include
FULL features include
  • Full discovery : detects all RDM devices and adds them to the list
  • Sub Devices: detects any sub devices for a selected device
  • Device Info: view a detailed summary of the device
  • DMX : change DMX personality and DMX start address for the fixture
  • Full discovery : detects all RDM devices and adds them to the list
  • Sub Devices: detects all sub devices for a selected device
  • Shows all supported parameters
  • Descriptions for all PIDs
  • GET and SET for all PIDs (even user defined)
  • Monitor your fixture for any sensors with easy to view info
  • Conforms to full ANSI E1.20 (2006) RDM standard
  • Control & monitor upto 512 RDM devices
  • Drag & drop patching
  • Status messages
  • Monitor sensors
  • Advanced RDM Get/Set (send any manufacturer PID)

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