CF Memory Module (discontinued)
US $ 598.5

Compact flash memory expansion

The Compact flash memory expansion is designed for the DMXStreamer. It allows you to save shows and setup information onto a compact flash card, the same commonly used in digital cameras.

Cards up to 2 GB (Byte) can be used providing a minimum of up to 46 Hours of continuous DMX recording with 512 channels


  • Supports standard Compact Flash (CF) cards from 1MB to 2GB (Byte)
  • Card can be read in any PC or Laptop for easy backup, archiving ...
  • Cards can be moved from one DMXStreamer to another
  • Module supplied with 64Mbyte CF memory card

Please use the calculator below to estimate your recording time based on compact flash card size:

Excel 2000 spreadsheet or OpenOffice 1.1 spreadsheet

The expansion module must be ordered at the same time as the DMXStreamer. Please contact the factory or your local dealer for retrofit onto an old unit.

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