US $ 830

Standalone record and playback

Record DMX from any DMX-512 source to create a show. And then simply playback the same show at your own convenience. Simply plug DMX input, use the front buttons to create a DMX show. Streamer Utilities software available to help manage the shows, but not required to record.

In built memory

Memory allows you to record up-to 48 hours of continuous real-time DMX sequence. The total duration will depend on the number of channels used to record. Reduce the number of channels to increase recording time.

In built scheduler

Who needs an expensive scheduler to trigger the shows, when DMX Streamer has a reliable scheduler built into it. Simply create the playlist as per your requirements, and have the shows start/stop at defined day or time or based on sunrise/sunset times. Once configured, it will run the shows as per the schedule.

Control options

Use any of the following options to control or trigger shows on the DMX Streamer:
  • power up
  • PlayBack Remote Mk2
  • external switch closure
  • date and time of day
  • remote serial command (RS232)
  • real-time clock

LCD Menu and buttons

Easy to use LCD Menu with buttons to navigate, allow you to use and configure the DMX Streamer, without the need for any kind of software. Simply take DMX Streamer to the site, no need for your laptop

DMX Streamer or Playback Mk2 ?

If you need to record the entire DMX sequence from a console or another source, you need a DMX Streamer
Also DMX Streamer, can be used without the need of a PC.
Whereas, Playback MK2 can only capture static scenes - and that too requires the use of a PC and included software

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