Pixel dot ceiling

(Melbourne, Australia)



For a successful lighting display, you need the correct ingredients, but this doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Here’s a perfect, simple recipe for a Spice Market ceiling using ENTTEC’s trusted blend of pixels and controls.

– 3 x Pixelator: ENTTEC’s flagship Ethernet > Pixel Link driver.

– 8 x PLink Injector (12V-24V) and 46 x Plink Injector (5V). The Pixel Link system allows data to travel up to 300 metres on standard Cat 6 cables.

– 2296 x ENTTEC pixel dots: 1 x 56-piece string and 20 x 112-piece string with custom pitched black flex, each dot being individually controllable.

– 130 metres of 8PL60 pixel tape (with 60 LEDs per metre, making a total of 7800 LEDs). This was mostly to make the birdcages look groovy.

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SpiceMarketTV pixel dots


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