Flexible strings of ultra-bright, high-resolution 100mm x 25mm RGB LED nodes with robust, injection-moulded cases for all-weather use.

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Individually-addressable, LED pixel dot lights.

Robust and reliable, ENTTEC’s high-resolution and individually addressable SMART PXL 100×25 LED pixel dots are designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

Easy to install and configure into any conceivable shape, our 100x25mm direct-view Smart PXL dots create dramatic, crisp lighting effects while adding a stylish design element to your venue or installation. We also offer custom spacing options and a choice of voltages to suit different types of project.

Engineered to take any architectural, commercial or entertainment project to the next level, the SMART PXL range has been created by lighting professionals for lighting professionals.

Every string of SMART PXL 100×25 LED pixel dots is made to order at our Australian HQ using the latest in manufacturing techniques, before dispatch to projects worldwide.



Precision engineered + proudly made in Australia.

  • For professional applications
  • 24V or 48V versions available
  • Color-changing RGB or RGBW LED pixels
  • Rich hues & ultra-smooth dimming
  • Custom lengths made to order


Weather resistant

Constructed from premium durable materials in our Australian factory, SMART PXL dots offer outstanding protection against moisture (IP67), corrosion and impact (IK10), and come with a 3-year warranty. The perfect outdoor pixel light for all projects.

Custom options

Because your projects are built to custom specifications, so are our SMART PXL dots. Select from RGB or RGBW LEDs for a 24V or 48V system, as well as different lens options and custom spacing from anywhere between 150mm and 2000mm between each dot.

True brightness

Each direct-view SMART PXL node contains 12 premium RGB or RGBW LED chips, giving an impressive lumen output. They look amazing from a distance and have been used to great effect around the world on everything from bridges to ferris wheels.

Smooth as silk

16-bit native for an ultra-smooth dimming curve and mixing detail that will truly wow your audience. Alternatively, run them in 8-bit mode with an ENTTEC control system to halve the required control channels.

For extended runs

We use custom made quality cable to combat voltage drop, ensuring you a richness and consistency of color. With the best combination of customisation, you’ll be able to achieve long runs of up to 204 dots without power injection. Talk to our friendly sales team now to understand the full potential of your design!

Ultra flexible

The versatile nature of SMART PXL dot strings means they’re easy-to-install around tricky angles, corners or bends, making them ideal to show off or highlight architectural features. Talk with an ENTTEC expert and we can help you bring almost any design you can imagine to life.

Pair your PXL 100×25 dots with an E N T T E C lighting control system for the ability to run your setup in 8-bit to operate up to 170 RGB or 128 RGBW dots per DMX universe.


Technical specifications

LED channels RGB (Red/Green/Blue) or RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White)
Color resolution 16-bit (can also run in 8-bit mode)
Control protocol ENTTEC SPXL-8 / SPXL-16
Data configuration auto-addressing
LED lifetime 50,000 hrs (L70)
Body material UV resistant injection moulded PVC
Lens options 100mm x 25mm – flat diffuse / flat clear
Lens material optical grade polycarbonate
IK rating IK10
IP rating IP67
Vibration rating 3G
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Overall dimension 118.2mm L x 25mm W x 32mm H
Weight approx. 68g/dot (excl. lead in & out)
Dot pitch/spacing customisation options available: from 150mm to 2000mm
Installation 2 x ⌀4.3mm mounting holes for M4 screws
Cabling includes premium Amphenol AT series connectors
Compliance RCM (Aus/NZ), CE / WEEE (EU), UKCA (UK), FCC (USA)
Warranty 3-year return-to-base manufacturer warranty as standard. Talk to us to arrange longer periods

RGB version

LED source 12 x RGB SMD3535 per dot – customisation options available
Input voltage 24V DC or 48V DC options
Max lumens (lm) 24V: 39.2 / 48V: 38.3
Efficacy (max lm/watt) 24V: 17.6 / 48V: 15.2
Control channels equivalent of 6 DMX channels of data per dot
Dots controllable per DMX universe 8-bit: 170 / 16-bit: 85

RGBW version

LED source 12 x RGBW (3000K) SMD5050 per dot – customisation options available
Input voltage 24V DC or 48V DC options
Max lumens (lm) 24V: 87.1 / 48V: 82.5
Efficacy (max lm/watt) 24V: 39.1 / 48V: 41.9
Control channels equivalent of 8 DMX channels of data per dot
Dots controllable per DMX universe 8-bit: 128 / 16-bit: 64

100×25 LED pixel dot accessories

At ENTTEC, we know that well-considered design is key to a successful installation.

Our team have created a leading range of innovative accessories with premium cabling and connectors to support your project and make specifying and installing the SMART PXL series simple.

For peace of mind, our 24V and 48V accessories also feature different pinouts to prevent damage being caused when using different voltages.



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