ENTTEC RGB pixel strips mimic moving liquid

(State Theatre at Gärtnerplatz, Munich, Germany)




– 3 x Pixelator Mini: ENTTEC’s compact Ethernet > Pixel Link driver.

– 20 x 5V PLink Injectors – inject data and power to extend your setup across long distances.

– 110m of 8P60-5-B 5V RGB LED pixel strip – Hi-Res LED strip featuring black PCB, ideal for stealth installations.


Designed and staged by Munich’s Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Karl Alfred Schreiner‘s full-length ballet Atlantis deals with the collision and interaction between different cultures following the discovery of a miraculous world during an Arctic scientific expedition.

When we think of Atlantis, we think of water, of course. And that’s exactly what lighting designer Michael Heidinger was focused on when he set about creating a memorable atmosphere throughout the production.

For the opening scene, set in a laboratory where a floating Atlantean is being examined, ENTTEC LED pixel strips were mounted in transparent tubes to create the impression of flowing liquid, while the eerie, fluid use of light dimming saturated the remainder of the performance.





“ENTTEC products provided the best dimming performance for control over a video server. It was also important that they formed a compact, modular system that we could easily build into our props.”
Michael Heidinger Lighting Designer at Gärtnerplatz State Theatre, Munich

In a laboratory, scientists examine a strange being. Its body floats, motionless and lifeless, in a biomass of liquids, brought to life using ENTTEC LED pixel strips and controls.

Photography © Marie-Laure Briane

Further scenes from the production of Atlantis featuring LED lighting and control equipment by ENTTEC.

Photography © Marie-Laure Briane

Project: Atlantis (ballet production) Venue: State Theatre at Gärtnerplatz Project design: Julia Müer / Heiko Pfützner Costume design: Alfred Mayerhofer Choreography: Karl Alfred Schreiner Musical director: Michael Brandstätter Lighting design:

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