ENTTEC rocks Glastonbury UK

Friday 7th July 2017


The show-stopping centerpiece of this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the UK was an 18-meter-tall tree sculpture built by Factory Settings Ltd, which came alive with a spectacular light show while DJs performed inside it each night.

Lighting designers Bailes + Light assigned ON LX Ltd to provide control, infrastructure and programming solutions that transformed their technical dreams into reality using some core ENTTEC products.

The entire tree was LED-mapped using ELM (ENTTEC LED Mapper) Pro, while the data distribution was handled by a single Pixelator, controlling both live and timecoded shows across 40 universes of RGB pixel tape.

It is not known whether cult British political hopeful and surprise star of Glastonbury ‘17, Lord Buckethead, took in the atmosphere and danced the night away under the tree on the Greenpeace UK field, but he did offer one simple environmental message (of sorts) to all earthlings: “Peace and love, and if anyone wants to buy a laser off me, send me an email.”


All event photos courtesy of (and used with permission from) our friends at ON LX Ltd.

Thanks also to everyone else involved in this amazing project – we love your work!: Bailes + LightGreenpeace UKSnow Business InternationalDry Hire LightingSGMAC LasersHigh End SystemsFactory Settings Ltd.