LED Bars

Unparalleled lighting quality

Because our high-power LED Light Bar is available with 22°, 31° and 41° beam angles, it’s versatile to use. In fact, with 300mm and 600mm configurations to choose from, there’s a bar for every project!
The ET3 range of LED light bars produces a rich colour palette with unrivalled gamut and rendition. Each type of bar is easily controllable with full DMX-512 support and is RDM configurable too.
With our ET3 LED light bars, have greater control over dimming and achieve amazing colour results to fit perfectly with your project’s requirements. Designed and built (in Melbourne) to be reliable, they fit any environment and are easy to configure. We use high-grade LEDs because lighting quality is very important to us!
With our LED light bar, your creativity will have no limits!