CV Tape

Bringing you the best in LED strip lighting

We manufacture our high-quality Constant Voltage (CV) LED strips to suit any mood or effect. Available in 10m reels, choose from a range of whites, CTA, RGB, and RGBW varieties. Whether it's low, medium or high output brightness you need, you'll find your perfect LED strip here.
Quality-checked by our specialist engineering team, this 24V indoor-use LED strips are very easy to control. For example, combine with a CV Driver MK2 for a leading industry solution. Because CV tape is great for wall washes and uniform designs, we guarantee our range to add serious creative flair to every project.

Pixel Dots

Robust and reliable, ENTTEC's high-resolution, individually-addressable SMART PXL dot series are designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Supporting 16-bit colour resolution, SMART PXL dots have a higher IP rating and brighter output than LED strips, enabling you to display smooth, animated graphics with soft pastels or saturated colours on a large scale.  Most importantly, these flexible strands of high-intensity, full-colour RGB and RGBW LED pixel lights are designed for extraordinary effects. Create vast installations far brighter than an LED strip could ever be, and without the constraints of space limitation and the footprint of traditional linear fixtures.

SMART PXL dots are ideal for long-distance viewing and can cover almost any structure in both two or three dimensions. With a range of multiple outputs, color gamut, pixel pitches and diffusers, we have a solution for each and every application, from consistent grids and low-density video displays or complex geometries for creative media facades.

Engineered to take any architectural, commercial or entertainment project to the next level, the SMART PXL range has been created by lighting professionals for lighting professionals.


16-bit native for an ultra-smooth dimming curve and mixing detail that will truly wow your audience - and with an ENTTEC control system, you can also run them in 8-bit mode to double your control channels.


Each SMART PXL node contains premium LEDs, giving an impressive lumen output with different diffuser options, while thick, tinned copper cabling reduces voltage drop over the length of each string.


SMART PXL dot cases are made from a selection of the finest and most durable quality materials available. With a 3-year warranty as standard, these dots are seriously engineered to stand the test of time.


Offering outstanding protection against moisture and corrosion, SMART PXL internal components are fully-potted (encased in resin) for waterproofing as well as resistance to shock and vibration.


SMART LED pixel dots
SMART LED pixel dots
SMART LED pixel dots
SMART LED pixel dots

Explore our SMART PXL dot range

There's a pixel light to suit every project. Simply choose the style with the optimum specifications you require from our range of quality, Australian-made pixel dots below.

Pixel Strips

Bringing you the best in digital LED pixel strips

Manufactured to the highest quality, our individually addressable digital LED pixel strips come in a range of voltages and grouping types. Choose from varieties of 30 and 60 LEDs per meter depending upon the requirements of your project.
We custom-design PCB layouts and, importantly, use extra-wide 3oz copper tracks to ensure both minimal voltage drop and maximum performance. All of our strips feature a 32-bit, True Color display, Scan frequency of 400Hz+/s, and adhesive backing for easy installation.
You'll notice that most LED strips on the market are white in color. However, we also offer black PCB styles which are becoming increasingly popular. These minimize external light reflection and hide your installation when the display is switched off. Perfect for the stealth lighting designer!
With their lightweight, space-saving design, ENTTEC has an LED pixel strip for every project!