Pixel tape RGB: 8PL60 (12V)

Bright and efficient, the 12V RGB Pixel tape shines for it’s uniform color mixing, and brighter pixels. With 60 RGB leds per meter, it provides the canvas for a great sequence of pixel art.

Fully compatible with ENTTEC range of Pixel controls.


60 RGB leds per m

It boasts 60 color calibrated high-quality RGB leds per meter.  Each led is patched as an individual pixel, and offers consistent brightness and extended colour gamut.

Each pixel counts

Individually addressable led pixels, this pixel tape is suitable for various stage, architectural or entertainment applications.

Bright and Efficient

With a maximum power consumption of 11.9 watt per metre, and a lumen capacity of 250 lumen per meter. The 12V pixel tape provides an efficient yet bright package.

Millions of Colors

Each pixel can achieve 16,777,216 full color display, with a scan frequency not less than 400Hz per second.

Extend as you please

Join two lengths together or cut them into a smaller length. Rated IP20, this tape is recommended for indoor use only. maximum run length should not exceed 12m

Compatible with