Powerful all-in-one driver

To get the most out of LED tape, you need the driver with the most going for it. The CV Driver MK2 is a powerful all-in-one driver that allows you to drive up to 25 metres of 12V or 24V LED tape/strip from a single unit—without the need for extra wiring. Powered simply by a mains 120-240V AC input, the CV Driver MK2 is DMX-512 controllable, RDM configurable, and compatible with all 12V or 24V strips – simply choose the right model to suit your desired tapes.


All-in-one driver

With in-built power supply (with a 120-240V AC input) and driver, this all in one driver is all you need to power and driver your 24V or 12V LED tape. Available in 2 options to suit the output voltage.

DMX control and RDM configuration

Fully DMX-512 compatible, which means control your LED tapes with any DMX Controller. ANSI E1.20 RDM supported, so CV driver is configurable using any RDM Controller. Simply use a DMX USB PRO with ENTTEC RDM Controller App to change address or personality or keep an eye on Temperature sensors.

Power when you need it

CV driver supports up-to 5 Amps per channel output, and a massive 250 watts total output power. Which means, it’s ready to power and drive up-to 25 meters of 24V LED tape, without needing anything extra.

Smart heat management

Thanks to the in-built temperature and voltage sensors, the CV driver is smart to limit the output, when it gets too hot. Advanced heat management

Extend using a rack

Standard 19″ rack mount unit using 8 Way mounting rack (sold separately). Allows racking up-to 8 units into a single rack, so it’s convenient to wire multiple LED tape and strips.

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