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All-in-one RDM package


As impressive as our RDM products are as standalone, they’re even more so when they’re working side by side. RDM Kit combines USB PRO MK2 enabled for RDM and a full license key to use it with RDM Controller and RDM Sniffer apps, as well as the cables and terminators you need to get connected. Plus, of course, a handy ENTTEC zip case to store it all in. It’s all you need to find, address and configure your supported RDM devices.


All included RDM Kit

DMX USB PRO Mk2 (70314), RDM License Dongle (70511), ENTTEC Zip Case (70317), USB Cable (50282), 5pin DMX Breakout cable (79146) and,  a 5pin DMX Terminator (79122).

RDM Controller

Find, configure and monitor all RDM supported fixtures, using RDM Controller. Full features unlocked with RDM Kit

RDM Sniffer

Test, compare and analyse RDM packets to ensure RDM compatibility, all using RDM Sniffer. License included with RDM Kit

Take it with you

All the items, come packaged inside a portable ENTTEC Zip case. Take it with you, and you are RDM ready wherever you are.





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