Connect your Hyperion to fiber networks and transmit long distances at Gigabit speed with this awesome SFP module.


SKU: 51155
LEGACY PRODUCT: discontinued February 2020

Connect your Hyperion to fibre networks using the Gigabit SFP module.

Simply plug and play in order to transmit long distances at lightning-fast Ethernet speeds.



Gigabit speed, hot swappable module

With speeds up-to 2200 Mbits per second, this SFP module allows hot swapping. Simply plug it into your Hyperion unit and connect away.

Long distance transmission supported

Supports transmission distances of up to 20 Km or 12.5 miles.

Electromagnetic interference shielded

With a laser wavelength of 1310nm, this module is shielded to perform at exceptional speeds at all times.

Compatible with Hyperion switch

Complement your ENTTEC Hyperion switch, and connect it to a fiber network.


Compatible with

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