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RS232 to DIN-NET

As the name suggests, DIN-RS232 is an RS232 to DIN-NET interface device. The two-way operation allows it to send RS232 strings when a particular DIN-NET action is received, or pre-programmed DIN-NET actions when it receives an RS232 string. A handy device to send custom commands to other devices on the DIN-NET.


RS232 settings

RS232 port (DTE or DCE configurable by jumpers) and RS232 port adjustable speed from 1200 to 115200 baud rate

Strings to send

Output string is 99 characters long max, and Input string matching is 99 characters long max


Operates with other DINTEC devices compatible with DIN-NET. See Wiring chart for more details


DIN-NET Wiring

Compatible with