The RDM Library is used by developers need to add RDM support to their software applications.

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Bring out your inner programmer with RDM Library. RDM Library allows developers to write their own RDM enabled Controller and Responder applications using Visual C++ and DMX USB Pro as the interface.


Visual C Libraries

The library is split in 2 parts, the Controller Library for writing your own Controller application, and Responder Library for writing your own Responder application. The library uses the Visual C++ calling standard

RDM Controller Library

Write your own custom RDM controller, with functions to handle RDM Discovery, and do RDM GET/SET on supported parameters. Also included are functions to allow you to send DMX from the USB PRO

RDM Responder Library

Write your own custom RDM Responder, with functions to respond to RDM Discovery, and send custom responses to RDM GET/SET on supported parameters. It also makes it easy to create your own parameters to send responses on.

Make your own App

Extend these libraries to make your own App. A simple example could be a RDM based Diagnostic tool for your RDM fixtures, that will automate all RDM Testing. Get coding



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