Designed for fast editing and creation of cues, palettes, groups etc. Includes 3 rotary encoders and large text display with dedicated numeric and program buttons.

SKU: 70033
Program to your commands

The ENTTEC Program Wing is designed for users of lighting control software who demand fast editing and the creation of cues, palettes, and groups. Features three rotary encoders and a multitude of MX, Numeric and Function keys. Ethernet connectivity completes this fast and efficient add-on.


Connect to your Network

RJ45 Ethercon connector for a 10Base-T Ethernet connection allows you to connect to your existing network. Supports both DHCP and static IP addressing for versatile support with routers and switches.

Buttons, Keys and Encoders

9 Window Keys, 25 Operational & Function Keys, 19 Key Numeric Keypad, 4 Arrow Keys and Backspace and 3 Rotary Encoders. And also included is a 4 line 20 character LCD Display. All you need to program to your heart’s content.

Favorites and Actions

Map the function keys as per the software, and use them either as favorites or to scroll through different windows of the software. Program Wing makes it effortless to do multiple things, and execute commands and actions.

Modern Web Interface

Configure your Wings using a modern web interface, that can be used with any current web browser. No software to load, no need to learn another way to change settings. The web interface is minimal, yet adequate at the same time.

Please note: revB hardware allows firmware update over web browser.

Wings manufactured on or after year 2015 are revB , and mentioned on the serial-no label.

Compatible Apps