Conversion software designed to enable Enttec Playback, Shortcut or Program Wings to converse via MIDI or ASCII.

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Wings to MIDI

ENTTEC MIDIwing software converts UDP data from up to 6 Enttec wings to standard MIDI or keyboard (ASCII) commands. Each wing button, fader and encoder can be translated into a MIDI or a keyboard command (channel, note and velocity can be customized).


Multiple Wings supported

Up to 6 ENTTEC Wings supported (Each shown as a separate tab). Each Wing can be configured to a default MIDI channel (1 to 16)

Multiple MIDI channels

Each MIDI channel can control up to 128 functions (0 to 127). User configure-able MIDI output port (can be hardware or a software port)

Smart software

Easy to use & configure. Remembers your last configuration. Minimizes to System Tray. Ability to Export & Import Individual/All Wing Profiles

Use with Control software of your choice

Ability to use your own MIDI Hardware/Software that accepts MIDI


Sample Apps

Use of MIDIwing is possible with a large variety of programs and hardware desks. To date, it has been slated for use or used successfully in conjunction with:

Lighting consoles

  • Whole Hog II (sample available)
  • Martin Maxxyz (samples pending)
  • Chamsys MagicQ (similar to Hog,)

Lighting control programs

  • Hog2PC (verified sample available)
  • Chamsys MagicQ (n/a to free version, but otherwise as above)
  • Sunlite Suite (samples pending)
  • GrandMA on PC (sample pending for Program & Shortcut Wing)
  • media servers such as Arkaos and Hippotizer (samples pending)
  • musical instruments and audio mixers (samples pending)