DIN-LED4 1000X

SKU: 71008
Constant current driver: 1000mA

LED lighting effects are only as good as their drivers. And our DIN-LED4 range of 4 channel constant current LED drivers are truly exceptional. Full DMX/RDM input. Adjustable auto mode programs, and typical ENTTEC reliability. With 1000mA, each channel controls up to seven 3WATT LEDs in series


Control and dimming

LED4PX  allows control of constant 1000mA on each channel. Dimming is performed with a 500Hz PWM signal, and 8 bit resolution.

RDM friendly

DMX address or Automode is set using any standard RDM controller. Supports RDM ANSI E1.20. Simply use with an ENTTEC USB PRO and RDM Controller App to quickly change address on multiple units.

LED and DMX connections

4 LED ports on 10 way screw connectors, and 1 DMX input on a 3 way screw connector.

Over current protection

Each channel has auto reset 1000mA over current protection

DIN-rail enclosure

Standard 4 module wide din-rail enclosure. Operating temperature between 0 to 50 °C ambient

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