The classic Phero 30 design with amazing white light output instead of RGB. Designed for pixel mapping and universal lighting applications.

SKU: 73-905
Pixel map with perfect white

 What the PHERO 30 RGB delivers in colour, the PHERO 30 WHITE bar delivers in brilliant multi-whites — the highest output in its class. Its compact form is optimized for fixed or touring needs, where its 90 white LEDs produce dazzling effects across 2700K, 4000K and 6500K.

Available in EU and US voltage.

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Multi-white pixel bar

In total, 90 white LEDs patched as 30 independently controllable 3 x WHITE Pixels. 2700K, 4000K and 6500K high-CRI LEDs offer consistent brightness and extended white spectrum for a range of applications. Can produce any combination of the 3 white colour temperatures per pixel.

High output

Using the latest reflective materials and an advanced optical design, the Phero 30 offers the highest output in its class while consuming only 25W. Each pixel is made up of 3 LEDs.

Flexible diffuser options

The standard holographic diffuser offers a blended, uniform beam while only losing 5% of output. Optionally, you can leave the diffuser off for full, clear output.

Pixel mapping

Using the field-proven Plink technology found in the Pixelator and Pixie Driver, large scale applications of Phero 30 have never been easier or as cost-effective.

Linear pixel bar

IP40-rated, and 1 metre long, its lightweight and compact aluminum profile allows Phero 30 to be a slim linear pixel bar, with all connections included.

Multiple connections

Each bar has 2x Ethercon connectors (PLink data), 1 blue Powercon and 1 grey Powercon connector. These allow for an easy daisy chain of up to 11 Phero 30 bars. Uses mains power through Powercon connectors for convenient installation.



Compatible Controllers