NMU is a free Windows/Mac app, used to manage compatible ENTTEC DMX over Ethernet nodes.

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The best things in life are free

  NMU has been replaced by our new software EMU which can be downloaded for free. Please click here to download EMU

Like ENTTEC’s NMU (Node Management Utility). This free Windows/Mac application manages compatible ENTTEC DMX over Ethernet nodes.

It bypasses TCP/IP settings, allowing you to reconfigure nodes in a plug and play fashion. An indispensable app for a wide range of ENTTEC DMX favourites.

Some useful NMU functions

  • Finds all compatible ENTTEC devices on the network (shows IP address of the device)
  • Configure all ODE options as mentioned in ODE Manual.
  • Upgrade firmware for ODE
  • Artnet Test option can be used to send Artnet to a device or broadcast over network
  • Factory Restore mode to remotely restore a device to factory defaults

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