Sequencing DMX lights using OP-Z by Teenage Engineering

Exciting news! Swedish design wizards Teenage Engineering have tested and chosen two ENTTEC interfaces as being the officially-compatible DMX companions to their brand-new OP-Z. And we didn’t even have to pay them to say it.

The highly-anticipated OP-Z is a 16-track sequencer and synthesizer which lets you sequence music, visuals, lights and much more. It also lets you dabble in DMX light sequencing, and that’s where we fit in. The OP-Z has a dedicated track just for controlling DMX lights. In order to do so, you’ll need an external DMX USB interface, and our DMX USB Pro and the DMX USB Pro MK2 are the products that Teenage Engineering have recommend for this task.

The famously-reliable DMX USB Pro and DMX USB Pro MK2 are industry standard interfaces which are the first choice for professionals when it comes to converting data from your computer or device to the DMX lighting protocol.

Got an OP-Z? Learn how it’s all done HERE



The OP-Z is being referred to as a “total gamechanger” and its easy to see why. Not only does it look great, it allows users to create entire show packages through one device. The idea is to BYOS (bring your own screen) and download the app (iOS only for the moment) in order to control the device.

It makes us proud that Teenage Engineering have joined the thousands of lighting designers around the world who recognize the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro and DMX USB Pro MK2 as the best products in the industry to use.