ET DX4 LED bar

All in one x4

The DX4 LED bar is a compact all-in-one entertainment light that really does it all — brilliantly. With outstanding high output, this 4-channel RGBW LED powerhouse offers five possible DMX personalities, built-in power supply, strobe mode, isolated DMX and RDM, and an integrated 180° hanger.


Multiple personalities

Allows a selection of 5 possible DMX personalities. From 8-bit, 4 DMX Channel modes to 16-bit, 8 DMX Channel mode, each personality allows an individual control of finer features of this LED bar.

Amazing colour output

DX4 has been laboratory calibrated to closely follow the black body locus curve. With 8-bits resolution allowing the light to travel from true warm to cool whites (1800K to 12000K) keeping a high CRI for natural colours.

The hard bits

Made from a strong aluminium chassis with a sleek profile, DX4 has all the ingredients to be a reliable light source in any setup.

Built in control panel

Easily scroll through the settings: set DMX address or record and recall a snapshot or preset. All with the help of a LCD screen and buttons at the back of the unit.

Control and monitor

Easily control with full DMX-512 support using any DMX source. Monitor the temperature sensors, and configure the rest using RDM, thanks to E1.20 support.

Smart dimming

Choose from 16-bit or 8-bit LED dimming. Simply change the DMX personality and get a greater control on the dimming. Also available is a strobe mode with controllable frequency from DMX.




Compatible Controllers