NEWSLETTER MAY 2009                       10th Edition!



On the Road: BLMC & 4WALL

We want to send a heartfelt greeting to any new subscribers to the newsletter who may have gotten signed up as a result of our May trip to the New York City area. This included an afternoon at 4Wall Lighting's Vendor Day manufacturer showcase, and the sponsorship of the Broadway Lighting and Projection Master Classes organized by Live Design.

Enttec's Manufacturer Showcase

This year we had so many new items to show off that it became difficult to give everyone who wandered by sufficient time and attention, but we tried,

and the enthusiasm shown by attendees both new and familiar for products such as DMXIS, MIDIwing, and LightFactory V2 were all we needed to make the trip worthwhile.


As pictured: a panel of projection designers, programmers, and media server product specialists at the BPMC. Left to right, they were Adam Dunaway, Jake Pinholster, Loren Barton, René Berhorst, Zachary Borovay, and Elaine McCarthy discussing how they choose gear for a project.

One of the topics that came up was the need to merge DMX data from consoles and pixel mappers, a problem whose solution is right smack in the middle of Enttec territory, as we had a chance to show people during the lunch break.

Although it's hard to squeeze all of the relevant Enttec products on to one table, this year we departed a bit from past sessions by having a second representative there to talk to the master class students. Larry Zoll, a part time marketing and PR consultant who has experience designing systems built around Enttec products joined Enttec's US Sales Manager (and newsletter editor) Jeremy Kumin, for three days of handshaking, business card exchanging, and most importantly hands-on playing with our product. It was very productive to have a 2nd face for people to talk to, as the time to wander by is short, and nobody wants to wait very long to get their question answered when there are 15 other tables to visit as well.

We thank Larry for being a great addition to our team, and the Live Design staff for organizing another terrific event.

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