NMU (Node Management Utility) is the free Windows/Mac application used to manage compatible ENTTEC DMX over Ethernet nodes. NMU bypasses all your TCP/IP settings allowing you to reconfigure nodes in a plug and play fashion, how ever they are configured

Use NMU to configure

  • ODE, DIN-ODE and ODE with POE
  • Playback Wing
  • Shortcut Wing
  • Datagate v1
  • Datagate MK2 (find on network)
  • Ethergate Mk3 (find on network)
  • Storm 24 (find on network)
  • Pixelator (find on network)

ODE Configuration Options

  • Select the ODE from the Main NMU Screen and click Configure to open the ODE configuration screen
  • Using NMU you can configure all ODE options as mentioned in ODE Manual.
  • It allows upgrade of the ODE firmware
  • Artnet Test option can be used to send Artnet to ODE or broadcast over network
  • Factory Restore mode to rescue an ODE


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