Aleph 3 LP
The Aleph 3 LP is long-life LED light panel with low energy consumption and control flexibility make it eco-friendly. Real time changes in colour and brightness are possible, and can be directed at an entire room, or a single fixture. This flexibility, in addition to its slim profile, combine to make the Aleph 3 LP a specification grade solution for offices and retail environments.
Color Temperature Adjustable Light Panel

" The effects of lighting on the human 'Circadian Rhythm' is now well recognised ... " Read more

  • No mercury to dispose of in landfill
  • Power as low as 39W
  • Designed for 50,000 hours of lifetime
  • Potential to modulate energy consumption dynamically while keeping a welcoming and safely lit work space
  • Lower waste heat: LED technology generates lower waste heat
  • Reduced maintenance
LED technology
  • Aleph 3 fixtures use the surface-mounted CREE range of LEDs, such as the XLamp ML-B, a high performance 1/4-watt LED
  • Choose between the rectangle or square configuration 600x600mm(LP22) or 300x1200mm(LP41)
  • Configured for smarter usage patterns, whether by individual user preferences or to integrate with building management system
  • Various colour options: Warm White, Neutral, Cool White, Colour Temperature Adjustable and RGB versions
Control Options
  • WiFi
  • Optional wall mounted touchscreen
  • DALI
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