PHERO 33 RGB Pixel bar

Phero 33

ENTTEC's new Phero 33 is ideal for direct lighting applications. It offers un-paralleled flexibility combined with medium light output. It's the slimmest form factor in Phero family, designed for pixel mapping and lighting applications.
Designed for touring applications, the Phero 33 offers blended and uniform color along its output. Simple loop in - loop out cabling makes installation quick and trouble free.

33 RGB Pixel Bar

In total 66 color calibrated RGB high quality RGB sources patched as 33 individual pixels offer consistent brightness and extended color gamut. Deep reds, ambers and yellows are all rendered with dynamic punch on the Phero 33.

Medium output

Using the latest reflective materials and an advanced optical design, the Phero 33 offers medium output (compared to Phero 30), while consuming only 18 Watts. Each pixel is made up of 2 leds.

Flexible diffuser options

Available in 3 different options:
  • Frosted - Diffused to create the best spread.
  • Black - Allows Stealth applications.
  • Clear - Maximum light output


  • 900 mm long. light weight and compact profile
  • 33 independent, RGB Pixels, total of 18 watts
  • Each pixel is made up of 2 leds, providing good output
  • IP40 Rated
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • 2x Ethercon, 1x Blue Powercon, 1x Grey Powercon connectors
  • Compatible with ENTTEC Pixelator family, Plink Family and Pixie driver
  • Plink data bus allows daisy-chain of up to 10 units.
  • Cat 6 cable and up to 300 meters total
  • Mains power through Powercon connectors for convenient installation
  • 50,000+ hours expected LED life
  • Up to 99 DMX channels per bar.
  • Over voltage input protection
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